If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Fahy Capital Management has weathered the downturn well, with a loss of a mere 2.6% (Now up 28% in absolute terms as of April 20, 2020).

And because we are unwilling to buy without a true margin of safety — a function not only of the fundamentals, but more importantly, of price — odds of catastrophic loss are exceptionally low in most scenarios, including the current one.

Our hedges have been productive, enabling us to build a significant cash position that we are eager to put to work: https://www.fahy.co/uranium-the-downside-probabilistically-speaking/ | https://www.fahy.co/that-time-you-shorted-the-dow/

The majority of our predicted downside targets of 1/13/2020 have been reached for the major indexes: https://www.fahy.co/indexes-projected-crash-levels/

Our predicted extreme bear scenarios of 1/13/2020 in uranium names have played out: https://www.fahy.co/uranium-stocks-extreme-bear-scenarios/ | https://www.fahy.co/uranium-now-the-real-carnage-can-begin/

The predicted cycle death trajectory for uranium juniors is nearly complete, and a number of names may be bought with a margin of safety that will not result in ruin (Cameco remains an exception): https://www.fahy.co/cycle-death-and-the-uranium-junior/

Speaking of Cameco, we are still sitting on the sidelines, waiting for a move lower to 4.25: https://www.fahy.co/ccj-cameco-and-the-japanese-overhang/ | https://www.fahy.co/uranium-timer/

Our exit of platinum turned out to be timely: https://www.fahy.co/sbgl-sibanye-the-end-of-the-road/

We don’t play with other people’s money, so we don’t have to worry about redemptions.

We can sit tight and strike when the time is right.

And we will strike!


Thank you for your work. You are one of the rare people who I truly find worth following.
While I understand the reason you quit twitter Im bummed that you did, but glad that we can still follow your work here at fahy.co 🙂

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