$DYLLF : Deep Yellow Ltd. — PFS Highlights

Long-Term Price Case$65/lb. U308$80/lb. U308
Flagship ProjectTumasTumas
Shares Outstanding331,260,000331,260,000
Market Cap$311,384,400$311,384,400
Mineral Resources98,700,00098,700,000
Average Annual Production5 Mlbs.5 Mlbs.
LOM20 Years20 Years
Payable Product92,580,600 lbs.92,580,600 lbs.
TAIC (True All-in Cost)$53.25/lb.$58.35/lb.
Gross Revenue$6,017,739,000$7,406,448,000
Total Operating Costs ($40.74/lb.)($3,771,733,644)($3,771,733,644)
Taxes (34%)($560,321,821)($1,032,482,881)
Net Income$1,087,683,535$2,004,231,475
Net Profit Margin18%27%
Absolute Cost Structure (ACS)82%73%
MTQ Score (Higher is Better [‘100%’ is Best)22%37%
True Value$3.28/sh.$6.44/sh.
Refer to Updated Mineral Resource Report of 2 September 2021

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