$CDE $VNNHF $VGZ : Armageddon It — Cash is King

NuChemICF Updates, 27 February 2020

Please be aware, but not too aware, that a not-pandemic is definitely not going to happen, but is happening maybe. If not now, then soon. You should prepare a bit, but not too aggressively and don’t tell your friends and family, but tell your friends and family. Quietly, calmly. Don’t worry about masks, they won’t help much, but get some. A few. A lot. Get some. Also, stay away from people, but go about your business as usual, but definitely not as usual. And as always, please take great pains to respect the feelings of the people of China. Carry on. Or don’t. Or do. Or don’t.


In preparation for the End of the World, we cashed out of Belo Sun Mining with a 117% return, cut Vista Gold at cost and boosted stakes in Guyana Goldfields and Coeur Mining to 3.34% and 4.90% respectively. Cash reserves hover at 13%.

The global situation is fluid, and as it isn’t in our natures to play with fire, going forward, we will only be adding to non-marginal gold and silver producers in which a clear margin for error is present.

We have been actively preparing for the worst case scenario for the last couple of months, raising cash, stocking larders and building hedges and active shorts that have proven rewarding. Now, if we need to shelter for several months, we can, because we prep the way we invest — by managing the hell out risk.

God bless you and your families.

Stay healthy!

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