Red Letter Day for FCM

For a bettor in possession of accurate probability estimates which differ from the public estimates, the more specific the bet, the higher the advantage.

Bill Benter

Our Odds Engine Integration Project is two-thirds complete. What was initially the sum of four discrete modules working interdependently, has been refined to two. Tying the final two modules together will be a complex undertaking, as their respective code is not interoperable without a bridge, but I sincerely believe it can be done. In the meantime, our betting algorithm is fully functional and was loosed on the market on 10 February 2020 @ ~2:28 EST.

The integration project also served as an opportunity to eliminate code deemed extraneous to our aims. Module A was thusly reduced to 3 KB while Module B was pared down to 25 KB.

Module A, which calculates odds based on historical data as well as is always calculating next-year odds based upon real-time price changes in the current year, still thinks in European fractions and is only decimalized after crossing the bridge to Module B. We plan to move to full decimalization during final integration.

The Fahy-Biederman Exit Method has been fully incorporated into Module B and processes associated with Fahy-Biederman that were formerly manual, are now automated.

Our modified fractional Kelly Criterion functions for right-sizing stakes has likewise been incorporated into Module B. They, too, are now fully automated.

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