$AGGFF : African Gold Group — Independent Economic Analysis

Long-Term Price Case$2,000/oz.
Flagship ProjectKobada
Mineral Resources1,760,675 ozs.
Shares Outstanding175,920,000
Market Cap$21,110,400
Average Annual Production177,940 ozs.
LoM9.4 Years
Payable Product1,672,641 ozs.
True All-in Cost (TAIC) $1,262/oz.
Gross Revenue$3,345,282,000
Total Operating Cost($1,177,539,264)
Taxes & Royalties($740,745,739)
Total Capital Costs ($193,199,000)
Net Income$1,233,797,997
Net Profit Margin37%
Absolute Cost Structure (ACS)63%
MTQ Score60%
True Value$7.01/sh.
Cash Flow Multiple11x
Annual Cash Flow$1,313,19,522
Future Market Cap$1,444,514,742
Future Market Cap Growth6,743%

Note: All Values in U.S. Dollars


Good tip Tom,
I checked into it and bought a tiny portion of this. Thanks!

Out of curiosity. Whats your take on Uranium market?
You dont seem to hold any uranium miners. Do you think we will see a dip or worse, or are you waiting for a confirmation before buying?
For me the uranium story seems to grow stronger and stronger and I am heavily in. I do think we are on the verge of the big bull, but Im interested in your take, I always like to hear possible bear cases.

You have some blog posts in the past, but I wonder if anything has changed in your perspective

Thanks for your work!


Regarding uranium, we have a large stake in Deep Yellow Ltd. from an average cost of US $0.19, which serves as our primary exposure to the sector. We also have not insignificant secondary exposure to the sector.

Have a great afternoon,


I see. Why dont you have any uranium juniors like you have many precious metals juniors? I imagine you have quite a big portfolio, therefor it would be quite risky.
Thanks for the input though 🙂

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