Recent Bets and a Note on Dissimulation

We bought First Majestic at US $5.63, International Tower Hill Mines at US $0.44, Sibanye-Stillwater at US $6.57. Each, oddly, sports a Discount to Expected Value of 34%.

I consider $SILJ a buy at $8.87. This buy-point is subject to Odds Engine revision at market close on Friday.

24 This is the day, which the Lord hath made: let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Psalm 118 (GNV)

Verifiability: or, How Many Players Stay at the Table When Someone Screams ‘Fire!’

There are limits to the verifiability of a thing.

One must have direct experience of a thing in order to properly determine its veracity.

Faith must be reserved for God.

To maintain faith in manmade works of which one does not have direct experience is dangerous.

Is it safe to have faith in the veracity of what one sees on TV, or reads in print or hears on a Podcast?

How do you know that what you see on TV, read in print or hear from a third party is real?

Truth must be a function of one’s own experience.

The experience of the individual is typically narrow. Within that narrow context, it is incumbent upon the individual to test the veracity of the ideas with which he is presented.

We must pay particular attention to the interiorized ideas that may have a direct bearing on the human actions one performs in one’s chosen role; that may incidentally permutate the cause of one’s human actions.

Should actions have a cause higher than the one that is actually represented by the fact of itself?

Are actions that have causes that supersede the actual consequences insincere?

How do causes that aim to supersede the consequence of an action come into being? Where did that cause come from? By what mechanism(s) does an individual — in most instances — passively interiorize the ides that substantiate the superseding cause?

Is there such a thing as entertainment that is without mission?

Why do we often refer to entertainment as a diversion?

Is one’s attention diverted when entertained? Diverted from what?

Has one been diverted from a good bet into a bad one or diverted from betting altogether?

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