Q2 Updates : $LUCRF $UNG $DXY $STTDF

I am buying diamonds, natural gas and uranium.

I have been adding to Lucara on a regular basis throughout the span of their slower-than-expected underground expansion at Karowe. Every delay, coupled with diamond pricing weakness, has presented an exceptional opportunity to thicken our stake.

Another major buy signal in $LUCRF flashed on 21 May.

Gas, similarly, has dropped back into value territory. Exposure is primarily through $UNG.

A major buy signal in $UNG flashed on 27 March and price has returned to an optimal entry level in recent days.

Meanwhile, I am short the Dow from 17 April and no signal to cover has presented itself.

Gold and Silver ran into their respective upper-bounds in late March and likely will remain under pressure for several weeks, or until $DXY tests 105.

I continue to load up on Standard Uranium, as I perceive it as the best current early-stage exploration play in the Basin.

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