$HUI, etc. — Gold, Silver and Platinum Stocks an Aggressive Buy

The Amex Gold Bugs Index has flashed three consecutive buy signals since February 14th and currently sports a Betting Edge of 1.4% and a Discount to Expected Value (DEV) of 7%.

We have driven cash in recent days into Royal Gold, Kinross, Coeur, BTG, Anglo American Platinum, and more.

Royal Gold sports a Betting Edge of almost 2% and a whopping DEV of 10%. Edges and discounts of this magnitude are appearing across the entire constellation of metals complex stocks.

Our Betting Engine has come alive with signals and we are throwing down in response.

Other recent purchases include $GOLD, $SIL, $SILJ, $PLTM in addition to many others included on our Holdings page.

But Helium, unquestionably, has been our biggest bet in recent weeks and large positions have been taken in Desert Mountain, First Helium and Total Helium ($DMEHF, $FHELF, $TTLHF). Our commitment to the helium complex represents our single largest focused allocation to a single idea since our early bet on Deep Yellow.

Good luck!


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