$CPMMF : Crystal Peak Minerals — Independent Economic Analysis

Long-Term Price Case$645/t K2SO4
Flagship ProjectSevier Playa
Mineral Reserves7,734,000 tonnes
Shares Outstanding348,594,751
Market Cap$40,785,586
Average Annual Production205,700 tonnes
Payable Product6,171,000 tonnes
LoM30 Years
True All-in Cost (TAIC)$424/t
Gross Revenue$3,980,295,000
Net Revenue$3,757,398,480
Total Operating Costs ($1,372,677,240)
Operating Cash Flow$2,384,721,240
Income Taxes($372,016,513)
Total Capital Costs($646,489,167)
Net Income$1,366,215,560
Net Profit Margin34%
Absolute Cost Structure (ACS)66%
MTQ Score (Higher is Better)0.5
True Value$3.92/sh.
True Value Discount (TVD)97%
Cash Flow Multiple10x
Net Annual Cash Flow$45,459,700
Future Market Cap$454,597,000
Future Market Cap Growth1,015%

Notes: All Values in U.S. Dollars

Crystal Peak Minerals is a top-rated stock with an MTQ Score (0.5) that is above average and a Composite Rating of 5 (Scale of 1-5).

Above $600/t K2SO4, Crystal Peak Minerals will enjoy both a Net Profit Margin > 30% and an Absolute Cost Structure below 70%.

MTQ Score (+ Composite Rating [Red Dotted Line]) — Study Group Comparison

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