Camarilla Points

When it comes to Camarilla* Points, the waters have been muddied. For starters, Camarilla Points have been around a lot longer than is suspected. They weren’t invented in 1989 by a bond trader named Nick Scott. Nick Scott was a fake name inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s character Nick Carraway, a Yale-educated bond salesman in The Great Gatsby. Was F. Scott Fitzgerald aware of Camarilla Points? Probably not, but they certainly were being utilized by bond traders in 1925.

Why have the waters been muddied?

In their original form, Camarilla Points work — on stocks, bonds and commodities — and the equations of which the Points are composed possess an elegant simplicity. In 1989, or thereabouts, the Camarilla equations were leaked, or someone threatened to do so. Rather than put up a fight, the custodians of the equations neutered the math and managed their own leak. And that’s the almost unusable math you see today on message boards and packaged in popular stock charting software. There’s no indication that the original equations were ever in fact leaked. Even so, the custodians’ controlled leak ensured that an additional layer of secrecy was laid atop the equations.

Camarilla Points in the Present

There is evidence that so-called Camarilla Points in their native form are still utilized and profited from by descendants of the aforementioned custodians. But an attempt to use the math as it was leaked in 1989 ends more often than not in tears, which was the intention, as most folks peddling Camarilla on the web simply repackage the leaked equations, or add traditional pivots and multiple levels of support and resistance which further compromise what little residual utility remains.

I am of the opinion that the Points as originally computed have fallen into disuse as their predictions are perceived as too modest by today’s frothy standards and fickle heirs. It was a trusted tool of gentleman with a level of class and self-discipline that enabled them to make understated trades in the proud service of their legacy.

Final words…

I have long been fascinated with the equations known today as Camarilla Points, but to give a voice to that fascination is to once more put a stick in that still pool…

…and stir.

*When initially leaked, utilization of the term ‘Camarilla’ was deemed suitably obscure, as it referred to no Proconsul, Gray Eminence or prominent family in particular, but was sensational enough to send the curious on a wild goose chase in search of a shadowy cabal possessed of infinite wealth.

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