Q2 Updates

We successfully exited the majority of our equity stakes by March ’22 and have waited patiently for buy signals:

We recently entered $AGQ, $SIL, $SLV and $GDXJ at minor buy levels $27.36, $31.79, $20.19, and $36.99 respectively.

Stakes in the above-mentioned names do not exceed 2% of the fund each.

We continue to maintain a very defensive posture. Capital preservation remains our primary objective.

Cash reserve levels hover at 70%.

$XAU has flashed a minor sector buy signal. $123 represents a major buy level for the index.

We will be placing resting bids in a handful of stocks at calculated crash levels well below current market prices.

As it is a Shemitah year, we do not plan to deploy much of our cash reserves until the dust has settled (if it settles). That being said, 30% of the fund will remain actively traded in accordance with rigid quantitative rules.

Good luck and God Bless.

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