$NIOBF : NioCorp — Independent Economic Analysis

Standard Model10-Year Contracted Sales Model
Long-Term Price Case$3,676/kg Sc2O3 | $0.99/kg TiO2 | $46.55/kg NbLong-Term Price Case $3,676/kg Sc2O3 | $46.55/kg Nb
ProjectElk CreekProjectElk Creek
Payable Primary Product (Nb)168,861 tonnes (168,861,000 kg)Payable Primary Product (Nb) 35,180 tonnes (35,180,000 kg)
Payable Byproduct Metal (TiO2)418,841 tonnes (418,841,000 kg)Payable Byproduct Metal (TiO2) 418,841 tonnes (418,841,000 kg)
Payable Co-Product Metal (Sc2O3)3,410 tonnes (3,410,000 kg)Payable Co-Product Metal (Sc2O3) 947 tonnes (947,000 kg)
Shares Outstanding226,666,534Shares Outstanding226,666,534
Market Cap$95,993,277Market Cap $95,993,277
Average Annual Production7,220 tonnes FeNb (7,220,000 kg)Average Annual Production10,923,113 kg NbEq
Recovery93.14% Sc2O3 | 40.31% TiO2 | Nb 82.36%Recovery93.14% Sc2O3 | Nb 82.36%
LoM36 YearsContracted Sales Model Term10 Years
Payable Product (NbEq)447,052,463 kg NbEq Payable Product (NbEq) 109,231,128 kg NbEq
True All-in Cost (TAIC) $24.15/kgTrue All-in Cost (TAIC)$33.78/kg
Gross Revenue$20,810,292,140Gross Revenue$5,084,709,008
Total Operating Cost($6,717,578,000)Operating Cost($1,865,993,888)
Operating Margin (EBITDA)$14,092,714,140Operating Margin (EBITDA)$3,218,715,120
Income Taxes($2,467,634,246)Income Taxes($563,597,018)
Total Capital Cost($1,609,397,000)Capital Cost($1,260,504,167)
Cumulative Net Income$10,015,682,894Cumulative Net Income$1,394,613,935
Net Profit Margin48%Net Profit Margin 27%
Absolute Cost Structure (ACS)52%Absolute Cost Structure (ACS) 72%
MTQ Score0.9MTQ Score0.4
True Value$44.19/sh.True Value$6.15/sh.
True Value Discount (TVD)99%True Value Discount (TVD)93%
Cash Flow Multiple10xCash Flow Multiple 7.3x
Net Annual Cash Flow$161,728,000Net Annual Cash Flow $139,488,153
Future Market Cap$1,617,280,000Future Market Cap $1,018,263,517
Future Market Cap Growth1,585%Future Market Cap Growth 961%

Notes: All Values in U.S. Dollars

NioCorp has signed a commercial sales agreement with Traxys North America. Under the agreement, Traxys is obligated to purchase 12 tonnes of Sc over the course of Elk Creek’s first 10 years of production. Additionally, 75% of the Elk Creek Project’s primary product, Ferroniobium (FeNb), is under contract over the first 10 years of production: thyssenkrupp (OTC: TYEKF), 50%; Commercial Metals Company, 25%

Fahy Capital Management is not an investor in NioCorp. We may, however, initiate a position in thyssenkrupp this quarter.

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