Author: Tom Fahy

$LRTNF — Pure Gold Exit

We enjoyed a return of 143% in Pure Gold. Our Odds Engine, however, signaled it was time to ring the register, and at a substantial premium to calculated value relative to F/D share count. FCM cash reserves now stand at 16%.

A Cathedral is a Monument Dedicated to the Triumph Over Death

“…the medieval cathedrals embody what is best about the human spirit. They were the first man-made structures to go higher than the Pyramids, and this fact alone says a lot about the difference between the Ancient, Pagan world and the Christian world. A pyramid is a fat structure with a heavy base, while a cathedral soars towards the sky. A society that builds pyramids is a society based on slave labor: building a pyramid is pretty much about using as much raw muscle strength as possible to take many rocks from point A and pile them up on point B.…

$DYLLF : Deep Yellow Limited — PFS Presumptions

Long-Term Price Case $65/lb. U308 Flagship Project Tumas Mineral Reserves 96.2 Mlbs. Shares Outstanding 244,890,000 Market Cap $44,080,200 Average Annual Production 5 Mlbs. Recovery 97% LoM 19 Years Payable Product 93,314,000 lbs. True All-in Cost (TAIC) $50.67/lb. Gross Revenue $6,065,410,000 Total Operating Costs ($2,886,000,000) Operating Profit $3,179,410,000 Income Taxes ($1,192,278,750) Total Capital Costs ($‭650,000,000‬) Net Income $1,337,131,250 Net Profit Margin 22% Absolute Cost Structure (ACS) 78% MTQ Score (Higher is Better) 0.3 True Value $5.46/sh. Cash Flow Multiple 11x Annual Cash Flow $70,375,329 Future Market Cap $774,128,618 Future Market Cap Growth 1,656% Target $3.16/sh. Deep Yellow Limited and NexGen Energy…


The world is divided into two groups of people: Those that think Donald J. Trump is the 45th President of the United States and those that know Donald J. Trump is the 17th President of the United States.

Business Brief

We are short the NASDAQ from 9863 (Covered at 9500; Reestablished at 9900). We took profits in Guyana Goldfields on June 8, 2020. Our return was 120%. We initiated a stake in Ivanhoe Mines at an average price of US $2.04. The stake represents 3.18% of the NuChemICF. There is a high probability that our stake in Ivanhoe Mines will grow substantially. We initiated a stake in Galiano Gold at an average price of US $1.15. The stake represents 3.62% of the NuChemICF. We raised our stake in NexGen Energy to 12.340% of the NuChemICF. We exited Soperior Fertilizer with…