Tag: Short Fiction

Love, Courtesy of a Scarecrow

After the church service, minutes into the reception, A call from Roger; you can deny him nothing. Your new bride, senses piqued, eyes wide, Knows that you are leaving; that you will embarrass her, Slip out before the first dance, before the cake, For one last hurrah—overdue, you think— This last favor to Roger; to the scarecrow in jeans. You ached for something decent, found it; it was dear. But you would steal one last car— Something complicated for old time’s sake, Be back in time for apologies; Back to dance with the bride’s mother, To rub her father’s shoulders,…

The Beekeeper ➸ A Novella by Tom Fahy

In a world in which guile reigns, can justice be wrested from the hands of those that dictate the status quo? Val Tyner and veteran handler Jagger Namzamo are about to find out. Join them and a cast of unforgettable characters as they attempt to expose the fraud of the century and beat the Establishment at its own game.


“My biggest mistake?” “Yeah, the biggest one. The one you regret, the one that keeps you up at night, makes your throat dry,” said Duff. Ted put his foot up on the rickety wooden railing skirting the weathered deck, scratched his chin, squeezed his eyes shut and said, “My Father’s House. Writing it, taking the time, doing the research. It was a terrible thing, a monster. I shouldn’t have done it.” “It was the big one—” “Biggest!” Ted confirmed. “I wrote it for the wrong reasons—sat up in the hole with one light burning, the window open, listening to those…