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$LRTNF — Pure Gold Exit

We enjoyed a return of 143% in Pure Gold. Our Odds Engine, however, signaled it was time to ring the register, and at a substantial premium to calculated value relative to F/D share count. FCM cash reserves now stand at 16%.

$LRTNF : Pure Gold Mining — Updated Independent Economic Analysis

Long-Term Price Case $1,700/oz. Flagship Project Madsen Ownership 100% Mineral Resources (Indicated) 2,063,000 ozs. Mineral Reserves 1,013,000 ozs. Fully-Diluted Shares 436,000,000 Fully-Diluted Market Cap $505,760,000 Average Annual Production 80,833 ozs. Recovery 95.8% Payable Product 970,000 ozs. LoM 12 years True All-in Cost (TAIC) $1,315/oz. Gross Revenue $1,649,000,000 Total Direct Operating Costs ($586,850,000) Refining & Transport ($1,940,000) Operating Profit $1,060,210,000 Ontario Mineral Tax (10%) ($106,021,000) Federal Income Tax (15%) ($159,031,500) Total Capital Costs ($422,125,920) Net Income $373,031,580 Net Profit Margin 23% Absolute Cost Structure (ACS) 77% True Value $0.85/sh. Cash Flow Multiple 11x Annual Cash Flow $26,744,013 Future Market Cap $294,184,143…