Tag: Eugenics


Bad ideas find purchase in the minds of the infirm. They are particularly appealing to the unwell — those with allergies, poor teeth, badgered immunity; those in whom the psychosoma is divided against itself, who seem always to be rejected, dogged and agitated by the natural environments in which they find themselves. If a host of these compromised specimens is made by unsavory ideas which, when in practice, accelerate the host’s decline, the disassembling ideas are proven able and should be considered battle-worthy. In this population, infected as it were, a predisposition to self-destruction will become evident. This population, though…


One wakes to virtue; it is borne in the blood. That is, one is either descended from the virtuous or one is not. Virtue is not a choice. One may grow up to be virtuous, but a virtuous man is not made.