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John Hayward: Subjugation

The progressives’ goal is to humiliate and marginalize the majority—to make normal people feel abnormal, to be alone, to be afraid to dissent from what appears to be an overwhelming, media-magnified, Google-approved, Hollywood-polished, Obama-confirmed, irresistible consensus. As any competent military strategist can tell you, numbers count for less than morale. A demoralized majority can be subjugated by an activist minority when it refuses to fight.

Retour à l’état nature

The ghetto of the 21st century is solidly matriarchal, owing to the engineered critical uncertainty of paternity resulting both from gang rivalries and promiscuity by transient males. Women are fully communized. Offspring become the wards of the gang/tribe. Matriarchy, by design, is incompatible with the family system, and thus is largely shorn of culture and the hallmarks of civilization: property and inheritance. In a matriarchy, the vision of men is shortened; no pursuit is subordinate to the future welfare of the race. Unconcealed communism is on display in the primitivized ghetto, wherein one does not distinguish between property of persons…