Tag: Mystique


If it perceived every revelation, intended or otherwise, as a kind of forfeiture, an organization would endure in spite of pressure from without… It must disengage from the public, sate no curiosity, act boldly, use words sparingly, and from hunger derive power. Until the value of the occult in business is acknowledged quietly, its brand will be consigned to the annals of ephemera.


If mystique has been forfeited, individual or organizational, there remains little to be lost through advertising. But the organization that seeks to retain mystique (often an unintended but advantageous byproduct of economy), will be set upon by wolves. The wolves will induce the company to talk, thereby diluting the special share the organization held in the imagination of the consumer. For the small organization, too much publicity is a bad thing. Once the talking starts, it is difficult to stop; too much is revealed. And consumers resent products into which they are unable to invest beliefs of their own, as the demystified product…