The Sound and the Fury

Earth auroral kilometric radiation (radio emissions derived from cyclotron radiation) is generated concomitant to Earth’s auroras. Typically, kilometric radiation isn’t audible, but metallic particulates aloft in the upper atmosphere are now serving as transducers which downshift the emissions into audio frequency range (induced plasma discharges). That the radiation is audible suggests that the inner edge of the magnetosphere has undergone a fundamental alteration (structurally or compositionally) since the peak of solar cycle 23; in other words, the convection response of the ionosphere has been manipulated by employing methods rooted in quantum optics, of which Olivier Pfister is one progenitor, applicable both to the fields of quantum computing and advanced atmospheric science/radio propagation, as both may exploit Q-modes relative to optical frequency analysis.

The audible currents (greater than 1 million amperes) are Birkeland currents, which flow from the magnetosphere to the ionosphere (in this case: region 2 – low latitude current sheets), terminating – following traversal along equatorial geomagnetic field lines – through partial ring currents, before which time, the plasma currents pass through excitable, anthropogenic, reactive metal particulate substrates which serve as the previously-mentioned acoustic transducers.

The proper question isn’t, “What are these strange sounds?” but rather, “Why is there a persistent, transducing layer of alpha alumina and titanium dioxide particulates in the upper atmosphere?” The auricular effects are not in themselves dark portents or directly dangerous, but they are an unintentional byproduct of a project employed in an effort to salvage the planet’s failing sulfur cycle.

Radiant discharges attending the radio emissions are the point at which kilometric radiation, travelling up and down Earth’s magnetic field lines, “shorts,” or “terminates.”


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