The way to perfection is through a series of disgusts.

Walter Pater

In this context, ‘perfection’ is relative. Which is to say, relative perfection is attained when a problem is solved to one’s own satisfaction. Failure, of which disgust is a product, is a stimulus. No pursuit that is not fraught with failure or a succession of failures, is properly challenging.

Hence, that form of governance is best which is perfectly fascistic, and which is free on its own cognizance to identify, correct, or indemnify failures. This is not Hobbesian fascism or Machiavellian fascism, but Platonic. This is not the fascism of Hegel; this is the fascism of the engineer — of Pareto: conscious of his own failures, the philosopher-king encourages revolution, excision, and deposal.

It is the aim of a perfectly fascistic order to aggrandize failure; to incite through the destruction of classical political liberalism; to spay reason with democracy via myriad inveiglements; and finally, to inspire the great and coming supermen with the threat of incipient totalitarianism.

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