Lex Naturalis and Gift Culture

No cruelty is so great as that singular form of undisguised contempt reserved for the gift.

Tom Fahy, 03.16.2012

Our system is one in which experience is conditional and contingent—conditional and contingent upon conformance to relative customs and statutory rights.

Privilege issues from coercive Powers that observe statutory rights.

It is imperative that we distinguish between privilege, which is the outcome of a transaction, and the gift, which is voluntary. While privilege is implied debt to a coercive Power, the tribute one symbolically pays in the act of gift-giving is self-reflexive: the gift cannot be brokered; the gift is immune from debt; the gift cannot be loaned at interest; the gift is neither a liability nor an obligation; the gift is not capital.

The act of gift-giving issues from natural law, and hence is inalienable, universal and incoercible.

✖ From the Novel, Orchard Park and Other Works

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