Against the Machine Model of Music

I think there is something distasteful and fundamentally perverse about abstraction. In order to better understand abstraction, I have experimented with dissonance. The outcome is invariably ugly. Rarely, if ever, does the honest listener find rewards in cacophony. I consider Dada and Accidental Music examples of abstraction: both do nothing but undermine the listener, unseat reason, and actively dissimulate. If I have produced abstract music, it is in an effort to expose its bland conceits.

It is the dilettante that esteems deformity and erects roadblocks to beauty; that would condition all of us to see with jaundiced eyes and hear with wax-filled ears, so that we are no longer able to distinguish between hoax and reality.

Over time I have attempted to speak plainly and forthrightly on these things and I have paid the ultimate price. I have made music that reflects what is in my heart, not what appeals to the critic, and consequently, I am alone.

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